Hello, yippee, we’ve just setup a blog using the great Jekyll project! In this blog, we’re going to publish articles about the technologies we use, about the projects we’re working on and perhaps sometimes about ourselves :-)

We develop custom software using modern web technologies. These enable us to cover a variety of different applications, such as interactive online platforms, mobile apps or software systems for business-internal use. How are we going to make your software project thrive?

For our clients, we have implemented mobile e-learning web apps, app prototypes for feasibility studies, MVPs for young companies, and also complex software systems, for example for use in clinical study management.

Our solutions are usually based on proven open-source technologies. This allows us to offer sustainable products coming with no or low licence fees. For programming, we use primarily use Ruby and JavaScript and divert to other technologies in appropriate cases.

To keep our clients in the loop, we work in one or two-week sprints and deliver early prototypes. At the beginning of each cycle, we quickly review decisions and goals on the basis of these prototypes. Thereby, our clients keep full control over their product all the time.

We are two enthusiastic software developers with multiple years of experience. How can we help you with your software project? Get in touch with us today! We speak English and German. Drop us a line at +49 30 13 88 33 20, use our contact form to leave us a message or send it to info@velalu.qa. You can also reach each of us individually:

Arthur Andersen Arthur Andersen
+49 171 550 550 8
Franz Kißig Franz Kißig
+49 176 578 574 99

We hope to see you soon! What about grabbing a coffee next week?